Friday, September 9, 2011

Tied Up in Knots

Because my disability insurance carrier, who also administers "bonding leave"... is saying that my disability date starts August 16th, my daughter's date of birth.

Thing is: I don't work in August (or July).

But my salary is pro-rated so that I receive my ten month salary spread out over twelve months.

So it kind of looks like I do work over the summer, since it looks like I'm getting paid (whereas actually I'm just being reimbursed for work that I already did.)

So this is looking like I will only get three weeks of paid disability, instead of six... and worse, it's threatening the twelve weeks total of time off with my daughter (not including my summer time "off" -- I put the word in quotes since it's not like it's vacation time... it's unpaid leave!)

I don't know what to do.

I've called my HR administrator, again, and left a message for the disability administrator, again.

I'm about to call my union... but since there are only four of us school based nurse practitioners with this ten month schedule... I'm pessimistic. They don't tend to return phone calls under the best of circumstances.

If anyone has any advice, please advise me!

My little baby girl is about to wake up and I'm so anxious I'm worried that my milk won't even let down.

Let me be clear... I "get it" that this is still, in the scheme of things, not such a big problem to have. I don't mean to complain. It's just the anxiety of not knowing is really getting to me.

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