Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Better Day

Despite the fact that my mom woke me up to take Calliope back at TEN MINUTES PAST NINE last night!???? (the baby was asleep and the bottle of breastmilk was untouched... my mom just wanted to go to bed. i had been asleep since 8 pm) and the fact that we enjoyed only 2-3 hour stints of sleep during the night... things are feeling much better.

Going to bed at 8 helped a lot. I got up at 7 because I remembered I needed my mom to fax some disability leave paperwork for me today... and I hadn't filled it out yet... but still, that was a lot of time in bed.

I'm figuring out that newborns really can't be up for long. Callie does best if she pretty much goes back to sleep right after eating. I feel bad because it's not that I don't want to spend time with my child... and I feel that way sometimes, shuttling her right back to sleep.

But she seems to do better that way. Right now she is fighting sleep, wailing intermittently in the swing, with periods of quiet in between. I feel terrible leaving her alone with her misery... but I've fed her, burped her, diapered her, thumped her on the bum for a while... nothing puts her to sleep like the swing. Well, that or lying down with her. But I really wanted to post here, and maybe even shower!

Here's some photos from the last few days, now that I can access my computer again.

out for a longer walk today

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  1. Hey, Carys has the exact same little red striped outfit - it's one of my favorites! You both look great!