Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Tired

We had a pretty good day today.

She slept until 9:15 this morning, and we had a long stretch from 11:30 pm to 6:30 am with only one wake up.

I felt great when we got up!

We went for a long-ish walk this morning, which I found out from my mom later was nearly 0.8 miles each way. I didn't even feel tired afterwards!

Robyn, a Boston SMC Planner, came by this afternoon and visited with us while Calliope slept in the Moby for three hours. She even brought us pizza! Thanks Robyn!

And then tonight... I put her back in the Moby, hoping for once that I might succeed in getting her to sleep before dinner, instead of fussing during it.

Nothing doing.

And then, against my MUCH better judgement, I let my mom take her (out of the Moby on my chest) and put her down for tummy time while I ate dinner (I eat a LOT these days, so my mom finished long before me). Even though she had had fluttering eyelids for quite a while at that point.

But I just didn't want to be critical and bossy and to say "no" to my mom and her ideas, especially since my idea of using the Moby wasn't working so perfectly anyway.

So my mom put her on the floor (on her changing pad) for tummy time, and sure enough, she was quietly cooing for a few minutes.

Then, when my mom was getting ready to leave for her evening meeting...

Of course.

Baby started to scream. Inconsolably.

And of course my mom couldn't dally.

There went my plans for a shower, never mind a pair of clean underwear. (If I am still wearing maxi-pads, and I change them at least occasionally, is that nearly as good as clean underpants?)

She screamed and screamed. Something she has only done in the car up until now.

I remembered a trick of my cousin's, and ripped off my shirt and the baby's clothes, and tried lying down with her, skin to skin, on the couch

It just made her want to nurse. Which helped for a little while. At one point she popped off and I sprayed milk over both of us as well as the couch, leaving all three of us faintly sticky.


Finally I put both of our clothes back on, swaddled her tightly in her new Miracle Blanket (*best thing EVER) and put her in the swing. Which she couldn't tolerate this morning because her pacifier kept falling out.

Lo and behold, she fell quickly to sleep.

As if I hadn't been trying for two hours to get her down.

And now it's an hour later and I'm painfully tired (not sure why?) and instead of showering and going to bed, I can't seem to motivate myself off the computer.

Anyone know why I would be self-destructive enough to miss out on an hour of solo sleep (we will be revisiting the co-sleeping concept when we return to NYC... I'm starting to see the appeal of not having to worry about rolling onto a baby while sleeping... especially problematic in the guest bed with the too-soft mattress that causes her to roll downhill into me) when I don't have to?

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  1. You're very welcome! It was so nice to meet a real-life SMC, haha!

    I really appreciate the suggestions, and letting me live vicariously and get my baby fix by holding and playing with Calliope for a while.

    I totally get the not being able to motivate yourself off the computer... I have that problem a lot (i.e. NOW). But hopefully you're getting some good sleep now...