Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Fly in My Ointment

Isn't this the best phrase you've seen all day?

(I wanted to confirm that I was using it correctly and so just googled it... and it means the small flaw that ruins the whole, just in case you also weren't one hundred perecent positive, either.)

Anyway, so my plan to stay off the computer. The problem with this plan?

I am tired, Mama. (That's directed at a figurative Mama -- my own mother does not even know of this blog's existence, never mind read it, at least as far as I know. And I wouldn't call her Mama, anyway.)

Right, so if I don't go on the computer so that I can get things done... but I'm too tired to get things done... where does that leave me?

Well, last night it put me to bed by 9 pm and lights out before 9:30.

It's now 7:52 and I'm contemplating just going to bed and starting my new Gretchen Rubin book. The thought being, I suppose, that if I go to bed early, maybe I'll have energy to clean and declutter tomorrow?

I agreed to a decluttering challenge at Enjoying the Small Things, so that's one more reason to motivate.

The nearly nine hours of sleep that I got last night did me a world of good, even if I barely did any clearing of the hall table this morning. I can't remember the last time I got that much sleep... months ago. Almost never since Calliope's been out in the world. It definitely helped put some spring in my step.

Yesterday I did the Rip 60 workout, my first time doing it early in the morning. I survived, and felt fantastic afterwards, fully energized... but climbing stairs was tough. Climbing to the subway platform was a lot easier today.

It was good to be more energized today because today was the first official day of school (first day with students)! I treated two ear infections, gave three pregnancy tests with two subsequent Depo shots and one Plan B, and visited thirteen home rooms to talk about the services available in my clinic.

The tension in the air in those classrooms was palpable. I am so thankful that I am not a student, back to school for the first day, looking around and calculating who had changed and how, wondering who was looking at me and assessing me as well.

One more reason to be exhausted.

Tomorrow is a day off from work as we head to Vermont for a summer camp reunion. I'm pretty nervous about the logistics (cab to the airport, two connecting flights, and a rental car "off airport" before arriving at a very un-baby-friendly destination) but felt that missing this first and only schedule reunion (after 70 years) was to really miss out on an amazing experience.

Off to bed, now that it's 8 pm!

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  1. The computer sucks me in, too. The problem is that the one task I have to get done every night is patient charts...on my computer.

    I logged in tonight, but the connection was slow, so decided to go to my Reader while it loaded. And now it's bedtime and I haven't even looked at it yet. LOL

    I hope your weekend trip is fabulous! Can't wait to hear all about it.