Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Blog Name?

Two of you have suggested that I change the title of my blog... and I think this is a brilliant suggestion! And I've spent some time trying to figure out exactly HOW to do so... and I still haven't a clue!

So please, if anyone knows how, clue me in!

Edited to add:

thanks Isis for the advice! It worked! My blog is no longer "True Confessions of a Single Mama to Be."

I'm going to leave the post up, though, in case anyone else wants to change their blog name.


  1. when you find out please let Me know too!

  2. If you're on your dashboard there should be a button to the left of "View Blog" that looks like two stacked pages with a down arrow right next to it. Click the down arrow, go to Settings (should be the bottom choice). Your blog title should come up at the top of the Settings page with an Edit button next to it and you can change it from there.