Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A New Resolution

I just finished my third Rip 60 workout at home (I did a couple in Rhode Island before I got officially started) which was also my first early morning workout before work.

In a word, ugh!

It was a lot harder, first thing in the morning.

During my first (home) workout, I was able to hold plank for a full minute. Today, I couldn't sustain it at all.

However, we (I) are remaining positive! I am only going to focus on progress.


I'm really proud of myself for getting through three workouts, and especially, at tackling one before my second day of work. This morning I had an iced "half caff" while I nursed the baby (who went back to sleep while I worked out). I thought I needed a little caffeine boost plus the calories from the cream... but it sat a little heavy. But last workout was at 10 am and I hadn't eaten and I completely bonked towards the end. I will need to keep experimenting.

However, I am definitely getting stronger. My legs look and more importantly, feel stronger. It's cool to feel myself actually bounce up off the floor from downward dog without even meaning to.

The resolution is not about the workout per se, it's more of a lifestyle choice.

I think I need to stay off the computer in the evenings.

Which completely sucks because I love unwinding there while I eat dinner and afterwards, catching up on your blogs, looking at Facebook, maybe catching up on Park Slope Parent email digests.

But I'm realizing it's kind of like TV... it sucks me in. And when I finally stand up, I haven't accomplished anything and I'm tired.

So, I'm going to try not going on the computer until I have finished my chosen task for the evening (trying to pick one small unpacking/organizing task each evening) as well as eating and cleaning up and preparing food for the next day.

I'm not excited about this, but I think it will enable me to get to bed a lot earlier and have a more organized home. And I need more rest if I am going to continue the fitness program [effectively] and be the more efficient and engaged employee, nay, health care provider.

Sunday night will continue to be my blogging night, and Friday night is my night off to relax. Other than that, computer time is a reward.

If I "say" it here, it makes it real! Wish me luck.

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  1. I've started working out 3 times a week before work. This means I get up at 5am those days as opposed to my usual feels great but by 4pm I'm zonked!!

    I really like your resolution & think you'll make great progress with it!