Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adjusting to All the Changes

I'm quickly, I guess, adjusting to all the changes in my life.

It's hard to remember that I only moved three weeks ago. And went back to work two weeks ago. And went camping in Vermont last weekend.

Oh, and started a new fitness regimen three weeks ago as well.

Which is probably why I feel tired.

Also, yesterday, I couldn't resist and ate a bagel with brunch.

Does anyone else feel absolutely awful when they eat a bagel? I love them, and hadn't indulged for a while, so I tried to just eat an eighth, but I was starving, and kept eating more (sharing with Calliope) until we had finished the whole thing. And then I felt wretched for the rest of the day. Exhausted and also insanely thirsty.

For the longest time, I thought maybe I was gluten intolerant. But actually, I think I am just simple-carbs intolerant?

My cousin, who is skinny as a rail, just told me the same thing happens to her, so I guess it's not PCOS (or whatever it is I have) related, just a screwy metabolism thing? She thinks it's age related.

So does that mean that Calliope won't feel really tired if I feed her a bunch of simple carbs?

And now I'm really mad at myself because due to meeting up with a friend who was much later than predicted, and then really pressured me to hang out outside for a while because she had spent her morning running errands... Calliope went down for her nap more than two hours late. And now, at 4:30 pm, is playing in her crib and not sleeping. On the other hand, she's not crying. So maybe I don't worry about it. But I try to be really protective of her sleep, as much as I can. And she always takes an afternoon nap (the morning nap was extra long today, more than two hours, but she was acting tired two hours ago, back when it was her regular nap time.)  Also, we had possible dinner plans. But I think we are probably both too tired for that.


  1. Carbs make me sleepy too, but I think it is more of a blood sugar crash sort of thing. Or maybe it is because I think of carbs as a comfort food, and it is all psychological?

  2. A lot of change all at once - maybe good change, but still a LOT!

    I hate when I get pressured into doing things I will regret. Why is it so hard to turn some people down?