Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First Day of Camp

Calliope had her first day of camp last week. Also her first day of drop-off anything, since her preschool co-op is hosted in my apartment. So quite a big day, indeed.

I was surprised to see how excited she was very excited to go. No nerves at all. Very cheerful.

Until it was time for me to go. Then she crumpled.

And apparently she spent much of the morning crying. She would finally get acclimated, and then the class would transition outside, or back inside again, and each transition was painfully traumatic. When I arrived four hours later, she was crying wearily in the "cozy corner" (where kids are sent to hang out until they are able to stop crying) and nearly comatose with fatigue. She fell exhaustedly into my arms with swollen face and eyes and wrapped her arms around my neck. I thought she might fall asleep right then.

But within a couple of minutes, she was cheering up, and five minutes later, she was informing me she would be back to camp the next day.

That's my feisty girl!


  1. Oh my! Poor kiddo, to be so excited then have reality set in. Good for her for being excited to go back too!

    Do they send these kids to the cozy corner alone? Are they given any comfort? Sounds kinda scary to me.

  2. I hope today was better for her!

  3. She is just precious!!! I hope she has a better day!!