Thursday, July 24, 2014

The First Step Is Admitting I [May] Have A Problem

Positive at two minutes (the first time I checked it). 
At least I didn't do the more expensive test today!

I realize that at some point, I have to stop taking pregnancy tests every day. 

I was hoping that today might be the day. But I realized I wasn't quite ready. 

Maybe tomorrow?


  1. I'm waiting to see that digital that says "Pregnant"!

  2. Pretty sure I would be testing every time I peed!

  3. I would totally be testing at least twice a day if I were you!

  4. Hard not to do it every day. I sure did for the first two weeks!

  5. Oh please, I tested every day for a couple of weeks, then every few days until the first sonogram. Was very grateful for the cheapo tests.

  6. Test away! That's what cheap tests are for!