Thursday, January 26, 2012

Calliope's Very Big Day

What I did on my Very Big Day.

1. First off, as you can see, I mastered sitting.

Now to be fair, I can't do it that long.

But Mommy says that doesn't matter. If I can do it at all, without support, it counts.

I think she's kind of an idiot for posing me on an ottoman that moves and rocks so easily -- um, hello -- when I'm none too steady, but I give her props for her lightening fast reflexes that caught me when I tipped over and nearly fell.

2. I've mastered a wicked fast rolling technique (WFRT). It's awesome. Check me out on You. Tube because Mommy says that Blogger kind of sucks, especially with video.

3. Because I keep waking myself up when I roll over in my sleep, Mommy and Nasstya successfully taught me how to sleep on my tummy! It turns out it's very convenient for keeping my thumb in my mouth.

4. As a special surprise for Mommy, I didn't let on until she got home and Nasstya had left... I cut my first tooth! Mommy was so surprised to feel that rough edge in my mouth. Now she knows why I was up four times two nights ago, and twice last night. Now if she was a really nice and kind Mommy, she would let me stay in her bed all night, understanding how hard I've been working lately to master all these new skills.

<sigh> unfortunately, she put me to bed in my own crib. Now that it's 9:40 pm, I think I'll wake up to show her the error of her ways. 


  1. Dear Calliope,
    You certainly do have some mad new skills! I bet your mommy is very proud of all your hard work and big achievements lately! You look adorable when you suck your thumb, just be careful not to bite with your new tooth!

  2. This is such a fun time isn't it? They are changing so fast and learning so much! Awesome on the tooth - I'm anxious for Carys' first tooth to break through, as it's been bothering her for weeks.

  3. Big day indeed!! Things really turned a corner for Elena & I at 5 months...things just keep getting better!!

    And Calliope, good stuff on cutting the tooth but remember, No Biting! Lol

  4. Calliope, listen to Tiara - NO biting! :)

    And good job on the sitting up and rolling! Such a big girl!