Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Her devilish grin (in Hanukkah finery) cracks me up...
and how about those patent leather Robeez???
(that's her amazing nanny holding her)

My girl has become quite the avid thumb sucker... just
like her mama was

Getting better every day at using her hands (and less so her feet) as tools

her first time in the pool was a huge success -- she loved
it! I think she's going to be a water baby, also just like
her mama! (see the previous post for an even better photo!)

This new friend knew just the right way to bounce
Calliope, causing gales of laughter.
Yes, she's wearing jeggings. Yes, they are awesome.


  1. OMG Abby she is tooo cute - and getting so big! (not sure why this surprises me as my baby is getting big too but when you only see photos every once in a while it is a surprise!). Sounds like your trip was wonderful. Happy New Year!
    (and I am so jealous of your nanny situation).

  2. I love those photos & Calliope's patent leather robees!!