Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Major Milestone

Calliope finally moved into Stage 2 diapers!

I'm lucky she took this long as we had an enormous stash (that I got free or super cheap) and we did, just in time, use it up last night.

Anyway, the size two diapers (Seve.nth Generation) have animal characters on them whereas size one did not. Have the manufacturers decided that she's now old enough to understand cartoon characters?

Another milestone... she had a couple tastes of avocado tonight! She was watching inquisitively from the tub as I was snacking on cheese and avocado while perched on the toilet seat lid (what? not where you typically snack? well, me neither, but I was starving after a jog home and it was bathtime so... ) so I squished a tiny bit on my finger tip and offered it to her. She kept sucking on my finger but somehow just gluing the avocado against my finger so finally I just pushed it into her mouth. She grimaced for a moment and I thought it would come back out... but then she swallowed. That was the second bite... I think the first was so small that I am not sure she even registered it.

Anyway, another step towards independence... I'm a little wistful tonight.

I'm not in any hurry to start solids in any real way, and plan to wait until at least six months, but it's sort of fun offering her a taste of whatever I'm eating. That's the jist of "baby led weaning" anyway, I think, from the little research I've done.

My friend Catherine was telling me that Re.al Food for Mo.ther and Baby recommends chicken broth for babies. Since my dietary counselor on eating all things Wes.ton Price advises broth three times a day, I'm planning to try my hand at making it. Shouldn't be hard... it's just about making the time. In the meantime, I bought some chicken soup from the egg farmer at the farmer's market.

But now that I think about... I wonder about how, exactly, one delivers chicken broth to an infant. It seems awfully thin and sloshy to put on an itty bitty baby spoon.

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  1. My Blender Baby Food book uses chicken broth thin the purees...I used breastmilk until recently...