Monday, January 30, 2012


I reckon I might be in the honeymoon phase but lord, I can't stand how much I love being mother to Calliope. (I still can't believe the word "mother" gets applied to me!)

She's just... fabulous in every way!

We had such an amazingly beautiful weekend together. She was easy going and fun and happy and willing to be passed around and god, I'm positively addicted to her silvery peals of laughter.

This is far, far better than I imagined. And my hopes were high.

My heart has never been so full. She's a miracle, and every day together is a blessing.

I know someday in the not so distant future, things may not be so easy. And I know I won't love her any less for it. In fact, I expect my love will only continue to grow as it has from the beginning.

So perhaps this is the honeymoon phase. But if this is what it takes to establish our relationship so that I stick around and don't divorce her when the going gets tough... so be it! I'm going to appreciate every moment of it.

Even if that means taking her sleeping self out of the crib, as I did last night, to bring her into bed with me.

I couldn't sleep last night and it was so nice to have her company. Later, she woke up and we both fell asleep while nursing. It was so nice to wake up and feel her little body still curled up against mine. Such a blessing, especially after a frustrating altercation with my sister (the reason for my insomnia).

Everything else falls away when I look at her.