Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby Squats

This shows Calliope practicing going from the ground to standing (without holding on). I've only seen her do this occasionally, but apparently she went to town with the nanny earlier in the week. I'm grateful she recorded it!

She also supposedly took her first steps that day, October 9th, Tuesday, but since I didn't see them, I'm not counting it.

Even if I did have to choke down a few surprise sobs when I heard the news.


  1. She did not walk at all, I am sure of it. You will be the first to see them. I told everyone to lie to me because I would have sobbed too.

    With that said, I am still sure she has yet to take her first steps.

  2. Those weren't real steps. They just looked like it. But they weren't real.

    Love her squats!

  3. It totally doesn't count until you see it. That is one of my steadfast rules!

  4. Get that girl some leg warmers and a sweatband for her squat workout! I agree, those weren't Calliope's first steps.....a breeze probably just pushed her or something.

  5. Does your new workout include squats! Looks like Calliope is trying to mimic you!