Monday, October 8, 2012

Three Day Weekend

After a three day week, we had a lovely three day weekend.

Calliope has mostly shifted to one nap a day, but still take that one nap early in the morning. I tried once to put her down later, but it led to a really short nap. So she takes a morning nap and then typically spends an hour plus in her crib having "quiet time." Luckily she doesn't protest and seems perfectly happy to play in her crib by herself.

Mornings are a little strange and guilt inducing, though, because I sleep "late" when I don't hear her... and when I finally go look at the baby monitor, she's sitting quietly in the crib, just waiting patiently. This morning she was sitting up with her legs hanging down between the slats, as if she was watching a performance. Should I feel guilty about this? Because I do.

(I'm also feeling guilty and anxious because her eating has dropped way off suddenly. I've been getting lots of good support and advice about it and am mostly chalking it up to her new obsession with learning to walk. Hopefully she'll get more interested again soon.)

One day... Saturday? she took the extra short nap because Mommy screwed up and put her down too late. Then she played quietly in her room while I finished my workout. What I didn't realize was that instead of playing, she was actually redecorating.

Saturday afternoon, I had a couple of "old" SMC friends over. We became friends while TTC'ing and now all have one year olds. Amazing! Luna and Jack are both about ten pounds heavier and several inches taller than Calliope, never mind running and walking and talking! Calliope seemed like a much younger and more fragile baby next to the two of them. (Picture pending.)

Yesterday we had an SMC Thinker (who I knew from my old running group) and a Pregnant-With-Twins SMC over for brunch. Calliope was so great and just played quietly on the floor while we talked. Luckily we had an early morning trip to the playground and farmer's market so I didn't feel like she was too neglected. But I'm awfully grateful that she's the kind of baby that can play quietly and allow for adult conversation!

And today we had a wonderful trip to the zoo with SMC Catherine and son Jack. Lots of times outings end up feeling tiring, but this one was perfect.

There was climbing in the outdoor eating area
And laughing at the geese 

More ogling of geese, and saying "quack" (sort of)

And snuggling with Mommy

And capped with Calliope's first trip on the old time carousel in
Prospect Park. Did you know that the steam organ in a 
carousel is called a calliope? Pretty cool, right?

After the zoo and after the carousel, we walked slowly home through Prospect Park and saw some nice foliage, then Catherine and I parted ways and Calliope finally took a second nap. I sat on a bench outside until she woke up (she only slept 30 minutes). Then I came upstairs and dinner was ready in the crockpot... lovely!

Today also concludes my first three days (in a row, for what it's worth) of Week 3 of Rip 60. This time around, I decided to not take it all so seriously, and just to try to challenge myself but not worry about what I couldn't do. I had a lot more fun this time. It's ridiculously hard at times, but now I know that it doesn't matter. I'll get stronger in due time. It's sort of neat feeling sore in my arms and in my lower abdomen, places that haven't been sore like that in years. 

Now I'm completely exhausted though. And my SMC friend who owns a Pilates studio gifted me some free workouts with a student trainer as a thanks for some donated breast milk. I'm incredibly excited because I've never done Pilates or worked out one on one with a trainer beyond a single complimentary session at a gym. It's an amazing gift. But I'm a little nervous because of being pretty darn tired and sore right now.... and it starts tomorrow! I'm hoping that tonight's sleep is especially rejuvenating... and that since I worked out today in the morning and tomorrow's workout is after work, I will be sufficiently (or somewhat, anyway) rested. 


  1. I'm so jealous of all your SMC friends! I am yet to find even one living near me. Cute pictures, I can't get over how much Calliope looks like you right now. :)

  2. That 'snuggling with Mommy' picture is amazing. A definite framer!

  3. I'm jealous of all your SMC friends too! Precious photos!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend full of fun activities. Cute photos.