Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Not walking but looking very big in the stroller during our 
playground adventures.

Also not walking.
Looking very small, exploring a new playground with big kids

A week after the first sighting (a week before fourteen months), I think, I finally got to witness some independent steps on the day of her fourteen months birthday. (Girlfriend took a few days off after the first effort, to recuperate, I guess?)

It's pretty funny looking. Like a dog or a bear that has suddenly reared up on its hind legs and finds gravity doing most of the work.

And I may have mentioned that I choked down some silent sobs when I first heard the news of Calliope walking. It's a small thing, and yet, it's huge.

She already looks like less of a baby. She's clearly realizing the difference, and clinging to me more, just as she did when she gained mobility with crawling.

So far, though, I'm delighted with her increasing independence, and tend to foster it. I didn't know I would be this way -- there's lots to be sad about -- but I'm glad to see that I'd rather help her walk, slowly, holding my hand, to the kitchen, than scooping her up and carrying her.

But there's lots of cuddles and kisses. She's increasingly enjoying our game of "I'm going to get you!" when we both crawl around her room on our hands and knees, me in supposed hot pursuit of the escapee who has once again evaded my attempts to diaper and dress the little Houdini. Sometimes she crawls away and then crawls back towards me again because she's just so excited for me to grab and tickle and kiss her.

I love this game.

I think Calliope is finally figuring out, though, that this walking thing will eventually be a very effective way to get around.

For now, though, crawling is far faster.

I'm looking forward to having her mostly up off the ground before the truly cold and slushy weather kicks in. It would be hard to entertain a crawling baby inside all winter long.

Here's a very short (four second) clip from the front... she's remarkably resistant to being video taped while walking (though after I showed her this one, she suddenly consented to being videoed.... and then the stupid camera wasn't running! argh! and that was it for tonight.)


She also got caught once from "behind the scenes."


In other news, we are officially doing one nap a day. It's rough, but there were at least two weeks of only a morning nap -- at, like, 9:15 am -- and then nothing but playing in the crib in the afternoon.

So last week I asked the nanny to push Calliope back to 10 am, and this week, we moved it to 10:30.

I feel a little bad for Eleanor, who was not as ready as Calliope (I didn't ask the nanny to transition Eleanor, but she decided to anyway). Eleanor was still taking two naps sometimes. Both girls were apparently rubbing their eyes by 5 pm today, and neither really ate any dinner (Amy fed both girls while I had Pilates... a SMC friend gave me a Pilates package in thanks for donated breast milk... amazing!). So we are going to try to re-start an afternoon "quiet time" in the afternoon... even though I think the nanny was enjoying finally being able to go a little further afield with them, what with only having to be home for one nap a day.

It's funny, reading all these books about the vital importance of sleep, like Nurture Shock and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, has instilled in me a deep reverence for sleep. For Calliope, anyway.

But that means endless opportunities for guilt when sleep doesn't work out the way I planned. Often times it's my fault, but not always. Last weekend, I put her to bed late two nights in a row. Bad Mommy! And as a result, Calliope woke up extra early on Monday, despite an early bedtime the previous night. Not my fault!

So I sit around and angst about sleep, cheering when I observe a long nap, inwardly cursing when it's cut short.

It's also an endless opportunity to feel frustrated.

I'm working on finding a balance.

And now should work on balancing my own sleep needs!

Calliope thought it was hilarious to hold hands with Eleanor in the car.
Eleanor did not get the joke.


  1. Congrats on having a walker! That's so exciting. I can't even believe how big Calliope is! SO much bigger than when I met her, haha!

    And I'm sorry she's down to one nap! I'm having sleep issues with Jordyn, too. Ugh. I need to blog about it, but right now, I need to go to sleep myself...

    Love the pics! She's SO cute!!

  2. Congrats on walking!! It's a WHOLE new world now!! There are days, like today when Elsie was trying to run around the bus on the way to day care, that I was longing for the crawling days. But then we couldn't 'race' on our way home.

  3. Wow-she looks so big and grown up in these videos. I figure its bittersweet--excitement for her new skills but sadness that the little baby days are passing by.

  4. Love how she's so proud of her success! It's funny, but now 3 months into have a walker, I can barely remember what it was like before he walked. The crazy memory of a parent.