Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm Night

We are warm and dry and well fed and even have electricity and internet but when the wind gusts, it is loud.

Which is unnerving.

I plan to go to bed now.

I feel like it could potentially be safer to sleep in Calliope's room, where the windows are interior facing, but I really prefer my bed to an as-yet-unmade bed on an air mattress.

We had a nice afternoon -- we visited our friends downstairs and Annabelle (age 4) and Calliope painted. Then they came upstairs for a bath because their tub is filled with water. Our tub was filled with water, last night, but it was only 1/3 full this morning -- I guess the seal on the drain isn't tight. And a full tub was making me nervous with a toddler in the house, anyway, even though I had the door firmly latched. So now I have two buckets of water in the tub, and Calliope is not close to able to crawl into the tub. And the bathroom door is firmly latched.

Afterwards, she took a second nap for almost two hours! She rarely takes a second nap these days but I know she was tired, so I'm grateful.

Although I had given myself the option of not exercising -- such a lovely feeling, that freedom -- I decided that my mental health would be better if I worked out. However, I had taken down my Rip 60 straps, as they hang over the door to the terrace... and it occurred to me that opening the door to the terrace, which doesn't yet have railings on it, during a hurricane could be seen as... not prudent. So I used the elliptical instead.

Calliope woke up pretty miserable from sleeping so late, so we ventured downstairs and went outside for a moment, protected below scaffolding. It didn't seem as dramatic as from inside, but then the wind gusted and we got wet and were glad to go back inside. I didn't want to go in the elevator because I was scared of losing electricity, so I trudged up the six flights with Calliope strapped to my back. A bonus workout!

This is definitely the scariest storm I've ever been through. I'm hoping to go to sleep and wake up with it mostly over, at least as far as the wind goes. I guess the storm surge could affect things for a while on Tuesday.

Wish me a peaceful night's sleep! This is a heady responsibility, being a parent to a small child during a hurricane.

I hope everyone else out there is safe and dry. And that Obernon isn't having too many crane crises!


  1. Have a safe, hopefully quiet night.

  2. A NYC friend just emailed that she's lost power (she lives in Gramercy) - hope you can keep power longer than she has!

  3. I am thinking of you both and sending very good thoughts for a safe and uneventful night your way. Good luck!


  4. I hope you are safe and warm in your home with Calliope. The images from NY have been so incredibly sad.