Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photos From Hurricane Sandy and the Weekend PrecedingI

I took this drawer out of the dresser to tighten the screws...
What better way to "help" Mommy than to crawl inside?

Playing in the leaves on our weekly pilgrimage to the
playground and farmer's market. She's modeling her
new jacket with Grammy, which is extra puffy on
account of the fabulous faux fur vest underneath.

Walking with Doggy #2. This was during our toiletries
organizing project... she discovered the Spare Doggy
in my closet.

Painting with neighbors is a good way to pass the time
when you're trapped inside due to a hurricane

Hard to decide which to paint... the paper versus the
I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?

Playing at Eleanor's... Calliope adores this!

Her "I'm running for mayor of DiaperLand" smile


  1. Such sweet pictures! I have been following you for some time, but ironically felt compelled to post today because I have the same dresser, and the same problem with the screws constantly coming loose and needing to be re-tightened. Total pain, having to take out and replace the clothes to keep doing this. What worked for me: I super-glued the sides of the dresser to the front of it. Has worked great, and I haven't needed to tighten the screws since.

    1. thank you for the suggestion -- great idea!