Monday, October 29, 2012

The Morn of the FrankenStorm

So far, so good. we had a lovely morning. it was SO nice to not be rushing out to the playground. even though i love our playground time. and i have given myself permission to take the day off from exercise (i may choose to workout later, if i start to get stir crazy, but that's different from HAVING to work out).

We spent a few minutes playing ball together, rolling a miniature soccer ball back and forth between us. Calliope grinned throughout.

I have bad memories of being a totally nonathletic child. I was slower and less coordinated than everyone else, as well as smaller than most everyone, so it was easy to decide that I hated sports. I loved to read and didn't find running around to be all that fun.

It wasn't until I made the conscious decision as a young adult to become athletic that I found the pleasure in being active.

Anyway, it's very important to me to not pass on my baggage around sports to Calliope -- I still shy away from any sport involving a projectile, though I love being active -- but it still, to this day, doesn't occur to me to play ball with her or anyone else. So seeing her pleasure in it was a good reminder to me that she has no reason to shy away from sports at this point. All babies have terrible fielding skills!

So I'm planning to get her some balls for Hanukkah -- a trio of miniature soccer, basketball, and ?footballs.

It's so fun planning for Hanukkah! I never cared about it before. But I'm hoping to get her a kitchen set as well. She's a bit young for it, but I don't care if she plays with it in the way that it's "supposed" to be used or not.

But I digress.

Calliope and I finally dealt with the final box from the move, filled with toiletries, which I hadn't been able to unpack because I didn't have a place to put everything. So I sorted through the contents and went through my toiletries drawer and threw away lots of stuff and organized the rest and now I have a "hair drawer" (with hairbands, headbands, hairbrushes (which I don't use), curling iron and hair dryer (which I likewise never use, but occasionally I have an overnight guest that wants them).

Perhaps obviously, Calliope didn't always agree with my sorting decisions, and sometimes removed items from one pile or another and crawled or toddled off with them.

Calliope's medicine cabinet is now stocked with all sorts of bandaids, neosporin, hydrogen peroxide (I have to tell the nanny only to use this to get blood out of clothes, not on cuts), infant Tylenol, thermometers, extra baby toothbrushes. And I emptied the dishwasher and tidied up the kitchen so that if we do lose power, I'm at least starting with a clean slate.

I do want to take a shower soon, in case I can't later, if we lose power, but otherwise, I'm feeling pretty proud of my productive morning!

But thus far, perhaps obviously, we haven't lost power.

It's raining and blowing but from up here on the sixth floor, it's hard to tell that it's more windy than a just regular windy, rainy day. 

Management finally turned on the heat -- it was a little chilly last night -- so it's quite cozy inside.

So I was surprised to look at Facebook and see some dramatic photos. And to see more drama on the front page of the New York Times webpage.

*parts of this post are excerpted from an email to my friend Emily

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  1. Glad you're updating & being productive. Take care & be safe