Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some More Crappy Photos

Checking Mommy's belly (with the scanner from her cash register).
How did she get the idea to do this? Very weird.
I was dreaming of a half an hour to drink tea and check email alone-ish on a Saturday morning... but instead Calliope
sat down RIGHT next to me. And wanted her own tea. So this is me, embracing the moment, in all my sleepy rumpled
glory. (Obviously she wasn't sleepy AT ALL.)
The transit museum (underground in an old subway station, but
heated) is a great place to go on slushy cold days. Especially if
you'd like to drive a bus.
Requisite photo of ridiculously dressed toddler, ready for 
short-lived snow play.


  1. I think the "tea" picture is wonderful. A real snapshot of life with your little girl right now. You are going to come across this picture someday and be so glad for the candid memory!

  2. She's destined to be a Doctor! Or an ultrasound tech...or cashier...regardless, these photos are adorable!