Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Talking About Babies

Conversations with Calliope are still new to me, and a surprise every time. But it seems they are rapidly becoming the norm.

Here's tonight's topic: babies.

Back story: today's playschool assistant is the mom of one of Calliope's classmates. She also mom to a brand new baby, George. Baby George came to playschool today for the first time. Calliope was fascinated by him.

Calliope, "Mommy, the baby's hungry. The baby's hungry, Abby."

Mommy, "Oh, the baby was hungry?

Calliope, "Yeah, baby's hungry. He's hungry, Mommy."

Mommy, "Baby George was hungry?"

C: Yeah

M: What does Baby George eat?

C: (triumphantly) Milk! 

M: Right. Where does he get milk from?

C: (gleefully) From his Mommy's neh neh! 

M: Hey Calliope, would you like to have a baby in our family some day?

C: (thoughtfully) Yeah. (pause, then excitedly) I'm gonna have a baby George!

M: Well, if the baby was in our family, we would give her a different name. What would be call her?

C: (pauses, looks thoughtful, then bursts out) Salt Lick! 

(Auntie Salt Lick is Calliope's godmother. That is, obviously, not her real name.)


  1. She is such a character! I think it is hilarious that she calls you Abby :)

  2. I can't help but wonder if this is supposed to be a sign...