Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sleep Training: Phase Two, Day Six: A Glimmer of Hope

With beloved friend Liz

After an insanely busy day with about five different social events yesterday, we got home a little before 10 pm. Since I had to wake the girl to change her diaper, we did one last nursing. Normally her last nursing is between seven and eight PM. Strangely (and unfortunately), I do not necessarily find that feeding her later has any impact on when she wakes up again... but I still hope it will.

She woke up at 3 am to eat. Earlier than her usual 4-4:30 wake up time. I tried once to give her the pacifier, but it didn't help. So much for not moving the feeding earlier.

We did another night of two and a half ounces, mostly because I was so damn tired from the previous two nights of crappy sleep and just couldn't bear the idea of more interrupted sleep.

Back she went into the crib.

Where she slept until 6:40 am!

Hooray! Back to a night with only one waking. Phew!

I "rewarded" her by not making her wait until 7 am, but getting up and nursing her right away... I didn't even brush my teeth or make tea first! I know, I'm a "wild and crazy gal."

Despite the successful night, I still feel really, really tired. I would've loved to go back to sleep with her... but we have another busy, social day today. So instead I blog as I pump and eat. Now I have to decide if I can muster up the energy for a quick workout.

Seeing my dear friend Liz yesterday was wonderful, as always. She assured me that in DC, she only had one friend that didn't do some sort of sleep training like this.

Tonight I'm going to pluck up my courage and decrease to two ounces. I'm nervous for this, but Liz assured me that her daughter always finished the full amount, also, and she was still able to decrease. Of course, she also told me that at some point she realized her daughter was waking up more for the cuddle than for the food... I wish I could remember a) how she figured this out, and b) how she dealt with it.

I wish I knew more folks that were doing this. And also that I had more than my one, very skinny, book on the subject.

First meeting of some more cousins


  1. Sorry I can't help you on the sleep training. I'm lax about it - cosleep, and breasteed whenever the kiddo suggests she's interested... kindof on the other end of the spectrum from sleep training! Though when you're sleep deprived it's hard, just remember infancy is SUCH a short time and pretty soon, in the grand scheme, she'll be sleeping through the night no matter what approach to sleeping and night feedings you take!

    Mostly wanted to post to say how adorable Calliope is and how big she's gotten! That photo of you two on the beach a post or two ago was beautiful!

  2. I've been following your sleep training blogs Abby! Like Claire I didn't do it either. But I do know this...even if you don't get her doing what you want her to do...and correct me if I'm wrong you want her to STTN by the time you start work in a couple of weeks? From the way things are going it sounds like she's cooperating well. In any event, even if she doesn't and you have to wake up with will be ok. I promise. You will be ok. Tate started sleeping 7p-12/1a at 6w1d on his own but would then wake every 3 hours. I went back to work when he was 9 weeks old and continued to get up with him every 3 hours until he was about 9 months old. Yes I was tired, very tired, but after being away from Tate for 10 hours a day I craved that time with him. Though he would nurse and go right back to sleep usually I loved being with him those 10-15 minutes in the middle of the night. Getting home at 530 and him being in bed at 7 left us little time together. So I really didn't mind.

    And not to scare you, but Calliope may do just great right now while you're home together, but some kids do start waking at night to be with their parent(s). Then there's growth spurts and colds and just plain 'I don't wanna sleep Mama'! I say that so you don't think any of this is a reflection of you or your training skills. I think you're doing great. And just when you figure it out, she'll change the rules!!

    What helped me was during those middle of the night feedings when it's just you and your babe, was leaning back against the headboard (I was unable to nurse lying down sadly) and just listening to the quiet and knowing that all around the world there were other women, mothers just like me up with their precious babies and toddlers! rocking, cooing, feeding, consoling and loving their babies just like me. It is an amazing feeling...this being a mother Embrace it...all of it.

  3. You're doing a great job with your sleep training & I admire you sticking with it. I think that is key, the consistency, even if you vary from the book.

  4. I find your sleep training to be interesting. I don't know anyone who has done it. Stick with it and I'm sure it will pay off!