Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who Needs Sleep Training???

...When your baby decides to sleep from 8 pm to 6:30 am all by herself???

Ok, to be fair, I put her in the crib at 8, she didn't fall asleep until at least 8:15.

She is learning to fight sleep, or perhaps more accurately, to fight being alone and swaddled in her crib. She loves playing in her crib, because her beloved mobile is there. But now when I put her in the crib to swaddle her, she starts to fuss halfway through the process. I think she's figured out that swaddling = mommy leaves and she have to leave this fascinating world for a while.

Of course, then I scoop her up again and rock her and sing "you are my sunshine" and offer her the pacifier. She usually alternates between fussing while singing -- "NOOOO, I know what is coming, please don't make me go to sleep," and "mmm, my goodness, this pacifier is delicious, isn't it?"

Then as I transfer her, usually sleepy but awake (rarely, wide awake but looking glazed), back into the crib, she spits the pacifier out, timing it to maximize the odds of it falling on the floor.

Then I put her in the crib and she kvetches for a minute. I put my hand on her tightly packaged little body (because of the swaddle) and sort of jiggle her. She quiets. I offer her the now-rinsed-off pacifier. She refuses it.

I walk out of the room.


Two minutes later, I hear kvetching again. Not crying, just this sort of "eh eh" thing.

I walk back in and offer the rejected pacifier. She accepts it with a "well, I've been waiting for this long enough, at last I can relax," and her eyes close.

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