Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have a guilty confession to make.

I, alone, amongst ?millions of women... don't mind maternity clothes.

< I wait patiently why you gasp and sputter. >

Here's the thing: I was woefully out of fashion before I got pregnant. I had clothes ranging from size 4 to 10, or maybe 12, some well more than ten years old. A lot of them didn't look great on me. The shirts were all too short by current fashion standards -- certainly not belly-baring (until my breasts went on a growth spurt about week six of pregnancy, and rendered every shirt too short) but not long enough to tug down over one's hips, either. But if I got rid of them, I'd have to go shopping, forcing me to a) shop -- duh, b) spend money, and c) face my appearance in the mirror.

I loathe shopping. And I often didn't love what my body looked like.

Enter pregnancy.

Suddenly everything is of a contemporary style, because I bought everything new, this year, from either Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy or the Gap. Everything has a stretchy waistband (which I still prefer to wear under, rather than over, the belly). Contrary to popular maternity-clothing-wisdom, nothing is a smock or is festuned with a giant bow. And best of all... I am not expected to look skinny! Or really, to look all that good at all.

It's liberating.

Is this wrong?

And can I maintain my "who cares?" attitude post-pregnancy?

Here's hoping.

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  1. I am with you. My maternity clothes are far more stylish than my regular wardrobe. Glad you are enjoying your pregnant body.