Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday morning high (27 weeks... third trimester!)

Are you guys sick of hearing about my Happiness Project yet? 

Because I think I've discovered a new Happiness Secret!

Get my errands and housework done during the week, a little bit each evening, so that the weekend is all about FUN. Life feels a lot happier when I have two whole days devoted to nothing but pleasure. 

It's not that I dislike being home and tidying up, far from it, I enjoy it. But not as much as I enjoy having adventures! And why not maximize the time I have to do those fun things???

(Once I have a kid, if I don't have time to squeeze everything in during the week, I plan to hire someone to help with cleaning and laundry. I don't make a lot, but I think this is well worth it, if I can find any way to swing it. I'm already trying to do errands during my lunch break, so that helps, too.)

And now, once I finish my tea, I'm off to the community garden!


  1. Love your bump!

    And I love your plan of getting stuff done during the week.

  2. Congrats on the third trimester. I love the happiness project keep us posted. I bought the book to start myself. I wish I had taken more photos of my bump because my pregnancy is almost over and it went so fast.