Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've been eating a lot of sugar (by my standards) since the shower.

I got sent home with a bunch of leftover Junior's Cheesecake (born in Brooklyn!), which was "too good to throw away" (stupid logic). And my sister and cousin and I got pints of Ben and Jerry's, the last of which I polished off for "dinner." And then I've been tired from the weekend -- in addition to the shower, I had both my sister and cousin stay for the weekend. Cousin B brought loads of baby stuff (mostly from my sister, but stored at my mom's, and transported by my cousin... ahh, family logistics) and so we spent hours organizing everything and stashing it away. Their help was immensely helpful -- I'm sure I'd still be swimming in baby gear if not for their help, and instead my apartment looks beautiful and is well organized -- but the weekend left me exhausted.

I went to bed early last night plus got to sleep in an extra hour late (due to once a month staff meeting that starts later than I would be at the clinic), so I thought I'd feel great today... but I was tired again by the afternoon.

I am hoping it's just a delayed reaction to the extra sleep, and that by tomorrow I will feel great. (To those of you who would suggest that maybe it's 3rd trimester fatigue kicking in: bite your tongues! C'mon... I just started my 3rd trimester! It would be wrong, and totally unfair, to be tired already. It took so long just to start feeling really good.)

But in the meantime, it's making me hungrier than usual, and lazier about getting proper nutrition. Oh, and did I mention, being this tired sucks? Especially at work.

I didn't gain any weight at my last prenatal visit, and my midwife wants me to work on that, but I'm quite sure she did NOT say to fill up on sugar and white flour. (She did text me last night to say, however, that I am anemic and that she wants me to take iron supplements twice a day. But I don't feel anemic. Does dilution of your blood volume leading to apparent anemia really count as true anemia?)

Plus, eating this crap makes me feel like crap.

So I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day. Sharing my intentions with you will hopefully make it more likely to come true.

Here's a photo of my sister and I plus the gorgeous quilt she made me. Isn't it, and she, amazing???

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  1. Sounds like your shower was a huge success! That quilt is sooo beautiful, I absolutely love it! Good luck with the eating - remember not to let yourself get too hungry! I'm having the opposite weight gain problem - more than I want. My midwife says it's fine but I'd love to have less to lose than last time!