Sunday, May 22, 2011

Twenty-Nine Weeks aka Restless and Tired

I'm feeling restless and tired. These words don't really go together, but there it is: another paradox of pregnancy.

Yesterday I met with my garden buddies, and things are growing beautifully! Alas, there weren't too many weeds to pluck out, but instead we got to harvest three big bags of lettuce! What's very cool about the lettuce is now that we've shorn it down to the crown, it will apparently grow back, and give us another beautiful crop!

(the lettuce, pre-harvest, in the very front of the garden with marigolds, pre-planting, in front of it. isn't that lettuce just luscious and gorgeous?)

We constructed a trellis for a string beans to grow up, and I also planted some more marigolds, as these (apparently) keep away the various critters. Today I went back for my first membership meeting, and was officially voted in -- yay! Now I have my own key and can go visit our plot -- or lounge on a bench under a shady tree -- whenever I want.

I also planted several cherry tomato plants today. I've got basil growing in my bedroom window in pots. I adore fresh tomato and basil! And hopefully, energy levels permitting, I will go to a celebration of roses (members only) on Wednesday night at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Celebrating spring in every way I can... even from the depths of Brooklyn.

After gardening yesterday, I came home to shower and change before heading back out for fellow-SMC'er Catherine's baby shower. Her family and friends hosted a very nice "ladies' tea" event in Manhattan. I was glad that I sat across from Catherine, as we both asked the waiter for not two, but three extra rounds of finger sandwiches!

After she dropped me at home (thanks Catherine!), I was exhausted, and lay around for a while. I had deliberately not made other plans for the day, not knowing what my energy level would be. But then I started to feel better, and to wish, hard, that I had plans to be out, hiking on trails, the next day (Sunday). But with my garden membership meeting, and a lack of a car, and the very great distance it feels from Brooklyn to the wilds of New Jersey... it felt hopeless. Very discouraging.

Today after my time in the garden, I was at least less discouraged, since the weather wasn't so great, anyway. And then I took not one, but two naps. And now I feel noticeably less restless. And totally exhausted. Reading blogs makes me have to go lie on the couch. So go figure. Was my restlessness really a cover for fatigue?

(Lentila has been moving a lot this afternoon, while I've been resting. Maybe she needed my energy supply?)

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  1. Lovin' the bump! And if you felt less restless after resting, you definitely need to give in to the fatigue and rest when it tells you to. You'll feel better for it!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday - I was worried about SIDS and your comment makes me feel MUCH better!