Friday, May 20, 2011

Tired, and a Little Scared of It

I've been dragging all week.

Last week, I felt great. This week, starting on Sunday, I've been tired. Sunday I was completely exhausted. At one point I was standing up, talking to my sister, and felt a wave of fatigue so intense it made me dizzy. I've been trying to take it easy, and to get plenty of rest -- while not napping, since it screws with night time sleep -- and have succeeded. But suddenly the commute to work feels noticeably harder. Rushing to catch the train is long a thing of the past. I get noticeably more winded on the stairs. I may start going to a subway station a little further away, just to avoid the long hike up the stairs (the further station is below ground instead of well above it.)

Just being at work feels like a trial sometimes. The last day and a half has been a bit better, but still.

I'm fortunate to have five whole weeks off after school ends and before Baby Girl is due to arrive. It would be wrong to have the previous six weeks of work be torturous. Worst of all, my first trimester fatigue lasted so long into my second trimester, it seems wrong that that fatigue has come back so quickly.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it was just a bad week, a reaction to the busy baby shower-cum-apartment rearranging extravaganza of last weekend. I'm scared that I have eleven exhausting weeks ahead of me. I reckon the five weeks of sitting around shouldn't be so hard, so I guess I'm just scared of six weeks of hating having to go to work every day. That's not how I want to live.

In the meantime... I got diagnosed with anemia, so I've started taking iron a few days ago. (Unfortunately, I'm sure it didn't come on quickly enough to cause my fatigue.) And I think I will go back on my Vitamin D supplements, since I just stopped those a few weeks ago. Could stopping them cause my symptoms?  Maybe they will add a little more spring to my step! And in a bit of positive news, despite my fatigue, I did manage to pull off five days of elliptical workouts! Short and easy workouts, but workouts nonetheless.

And tomorrow, I have a date with my gardening buddies to tend our patch, which we missed last weekend. I can't wait to see what kind of weeds have sprung up in our absence! Weeding is so satisfying.


  1. I am sure the anemia is playing a big part in your exhaustion. I was not as tired in the third trimester than the first so hopefully that will be the same for you. Get lots of sleep and one day at a time. Hope you have a restful weekend.

  2. Make yourself get more sleep than you're used to - it really will help!