Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weston Price update

Well, not really. An update on my Weston Price style of eating, I guess.

I'm astounded to see that apart from my voracious consumption of Clif Mojo Bars (made with brown rice syrup, not sugar or high fructose corn syrup, and mostly organic ingredients, but still, certainly not health food, either!), often three per day... a [pregnant]] girl gets hungry with startling frequency!... I have only had a sugary treat once in the last week, when I enjoyed a rice krispie treat on friday after a long (okay, only three days, but it felt long, due to jet lag) week of work. I was worried it would be sickly sweet and not enjoyable, but nope, I enjoyed every mouthful. Oh, and I eat dark chocolate every day at lunchtime.

I've been cooking more, and eating more meat and also vegetables. Suddenly, green things look good to me! And definitely fewer processed carbohydrates. Last night, I roasted an organic, pastured chicken. It was slightly more salty than I am used to, on account of being kosher (I don't eat kosher, but that was what was available with my other criteria), and slightly more gamey than I am used to, presumably because of being truly range. But it was tasty. I also grilled asparagus, sauteed fresh shitake mushrooms, and cut up a whole carton of strawberries for my friend C and I to enjoy for dessert. She finished assembling my new Ikea dresser while I cooked all this deliciousness. Now I have a beautiful spot to put baby clothes for my Lentila... who needs a new fetal name! Please, does anyone have suggestions?

Amazingly enough, my skin seems to be clearing up a bit. I'm not sure if this is due to being back in my normal routine, including having my good Origins cleanser, plus my Burt's Bees moisturizer (with royal jelly!) which seems to do beautiful things to my face. Or.... is it possible... that eating better is actually having an impact?

Tonight I experimented with eating less protein, because good ol' WP doesn't say much about balancing carbs and proteins. So I had a smoothie with whole milk, and then two slices of wholewheat sourdough bread with butter (apparently sourdough bread is easier on your bloodstream than traditional whole wheat)... they like butter, especially pastured butter, which I have, and especially for pregnant folks. A few minutes later I went to the basement to do my laundry... and felt like crap.

So the answer to that question is, no, you may not skimp on protein. But thanks for asking!

I also found out that the parent coordinator forwarded my notes to her about our meeting with my boss... to my boss!!!

Why, oh why???

That put me in panic mode for a few minutes, even though truthfully, there was nothing too egregious in there. But still.

This reminds me of why I had a policy for so long of NEVER putting anything in writing that I wasn't okay with the world sharing.

It's just hard to do that when people are asking, via email, of how to craft an email.

I'm not happy with this person. She's a dear soul, and I consider her a friend... and I will get over it. But seriously??? Why would you ask me what to say, reply to me with a draft, and then forward the whole shebang???

Hopefully my boss won't read all the way to the bottom. Worst case scenario, we have an awkward conversation and I give a feeble excuse. But still. It wasn't what my night needed.

As a result, the brisket has yet to go in the crockpot, the wet laundry remains in the basket, and my bed is not made up with clean sheets (or dirty ones, either, for that matter). Target bedtime: ten minutes. And not a moment too soon. I'm tired.

Nine hours of sleep worked out beautifully for me last night. I'm finally getting to where I can go to bed early enough so that getting up early isn't a struggle. But today, I just did not  want to work out. It just didn't sound fun. So I didn't, even though I got up early just to do so. Hoping tomorrow is easier.

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