Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fashion Crisis... I Need Your Help

Hey gang,

I need your help.

I hate shopping.

I ordered three dresses online from Old Navy/Gap, hoping that amongst those three, I would have something suitable for my baby shower (this weekend) as well as for my niece's bat mitzvah in two weeks.

(Bethany also graciously offered to let me go through her closet, as she has several maternity dresses, but she's all the way on the Upper East Side. Italics because I'm mocking my own laziness a bit. But seriously, I have a lot to get done today. And yesterday I was very, very tired after work. I'm worried it's third trimester fatigue kicking in... and praying it's not. So far, so good today. But I'm trying to pace myself. I need to get my hall closet cleared out for the influx of baby hand me downs that are arriving Friday night. I can't STAND a mess in my apartment, so I need space to hide things away until I have time to organize everything.)

We are having croquet at the shower, and it's being held in Prospect Park (the big park in Brooklyn). I posted some pics a while back of folks in croquet costumes which I also shared with my invitees. So some of my guests may dress up for that. I wanted to dress festively as well, though given the pregnancy, I knew my options would be limited.

I was thinking of pairing whichever dress with cowboy boots and my faux cowboy hat. I LOVE my cowboy hat because it does a GREAT job of keeping the sun out of my face. Too much sun makes me headachy and tired. Not good when you are the guest of honor. And I thought the cowboy boots might make an otherwise plain outfit a little more fun?

My medical assistant prefers my other idea, black sequin-y thongs (a fancy version of flip flops).

I like the black dress best, in terms of how it looks on me. I plan to wear it for the bat mitzvah. Though I'm a slightly uneasy about the cleavage in combination with family, so I may pin it. Also, the V-neck part doesn't lie flat. This always happens to me with wrap-around things. Does anyone know why this happens? Solutions?

However, I feel like wearing a plain black dress to my own shower is BORING.

(By the way, if any of the rest of you are pregnant and have an event to go to... get this dress. Even if you don't. It feels AMAZING. And you might as well enjoy your pregnancy cleavage!)

The white dress could, I thought, look really cute and croquet-themed, especially in combination with a cowboy hat and boots. But then I tried it on. It's a little too big, and a little too long. And looks like a nightgown. Apart from that, it's perfect. The bottom part is that cotton-y sort of lace. I forget what it's called.

Try to ignore the fact that it's very wrinkled from having just come out of the package it was shipped in.

The tangerine one seems like maybe the best compromise. It looks a little more festive than the black, and more fun than the one that ought to be paired with angel wings. But it just looks so cotton and practical, like a beach dress. And it's definitely less flattering than the black one, especially. I think it makes my belly look big and looming. Not very festive. At least there's some interesting trim on the front.

So... I need your votes!

Also, please tell me honestly... does the cowboy hat and boots seem overly contrived? Given that it's sort of a costume party?


  1. I LOVE the white dress. And you are the guest of honor so you get to wear whatever you like!! :)

    I also like the black dress better than the tangerine. As for the gapping, I just throw a camisole under the dress. It can even add a little "pop" of color.

    I have the same dress as the tangerine on in teal, whihc is in the now infamous closet on the UES. I can always Fed Ex it to you. I agree the UES is a far way to come!! It's a NYC thing. I used ot have a friend who compained about "long-distance dating"; he lived on the east side and she was on the west side. :)

  2. I like the white dress too! And croquet outfits seem to be all about the white. The black one is flattering and if you're more comfortable in it, go with that one.

  3. I think they are all really cute. I agree the black one is most figure-flattering, so get some use out of that one. For your shower I think I agree that the white dress is best! I'd just have to see it with the boots and hat. I think some people pull off cowboy boots/hats well, others not so well. Since the dress is a little longer, I might agree to go with nice flip flops or slides of some sort to give you a little bit of leg. You could still wear your cowboy hat with flipflops. You look really cute! I can't wear dresses while prego(at least none I've found) -I'm too short with wide hips, they just look like tents. I found some great skirts at old navy (not maternity but easily could be) - they are cotton and have a panel you can pull up over belly or fold down, and they are quite flattering with different style tops. I'm wearing one of those in black to a wedding this weekend.

  4. thanks for the feedback, ladies! i appreciate it.

    i'll try to iron the white dress and take a photo with hat and boots. though i may go for fancier shoes. i will buy them just in case, since i certainly won't wear cowboy boots to the bat mitzvah!