Saturday, August 13, 2011

Castor Oil

After texting my midwife to ask if she confirmed that her back-up OB will be on Tuesday (which she wants in case I need to progress from Pitocin to C-section), she texted me back that she wants to see me tomorrow morning, early. And that she may want me to try castor oil tomorrow.

I'm suddenly nervous. Excited, but nervous.

This wasn't in the plan.

I was ready to do all my laboring in the hospital. I know it's not an ideal plan... but it was the one I had transitioned to.

My friend A is going to keep me company, and another friend lent me stupid movies to watch between episodes of presumably violent diarrhea.

But I guess it will be good to try, to make sure I can't go into labor at least semi-naturally.

A big part of why I was hoping for natural labor was for the oxytocin boost right after birth. Which I'm pretty sure won't happen if I have artificial oxytocin (ie Pitocin).

So I guess this is worth a try.

Although I think I was also not really convinced that I was ever going to have this baby, and tomorrow... is really, really soon.

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  1. Good luck Abby! Today would be a great day to be born (my 40th birthday)!!