Monday, August 15, 2011

Forty-One Weeks, Two Days: Cervadil

greeting from my hospital bed.

im pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to blog from my hospital bed. but its not the easiest interface. for example. capitalization and punctuation: not so much. i havent figured h out how to capitalize or add commas or exclamation points.

and im scared to try to edit.

so this will be rough.

i cant remember what i wrote abousdt cerv
adil. and its too much work to go back (excuse the its a

grrr. sorrym no editing. like i said.

the castor oil. it caused painful contractions every

8 to 10 minutes for a while but then died down.

i had a few painful contractions during the night that intensified for a while witht the cervadil but then died down.

oh. i got admitted first.

now im in the hospital. its weird to be here and not feel sick. my friend a has been great but  i finally sent her home to get some sleep for the big day tomorrow. my midwife is coming tonight to check me and probably give me another cervadil. then the plan is tentatively to start pitocin 12 hours later.

im not sure what i feel. a little apprehensive but not too bad. the idea that i am going to have a baby out of this is totally surreal.

thinking of shannon and finn again tonight... grateful the news is better than she feared, but still worried and sad for then.


  1. cervadil and pitocin will do the trick :) I had two doses of cervadil and then pitocin, less than 12 hours after the pitocin started I had my little boy in my arms. about 8 or 9 hours I think, but hard to remember lol. good luck and you can do it!

  2. Good luck! It wont be long now till its all over and you're a mommy. Congrats! I'll be checking in and thinking of you two.

  3. So excited for you Abby - you're about to meet the love of your life!!! I am hoping everything goes great, and can't wait to hear the wonderful news! HUGS!

  4. best of luck, - and congrats for figuring out how to blog from hospital!

  5. I've been thinking/wondering about you and how you are doing... Good luck! My one piece of advice... If you get Pitocin, get an epidural.

  6. Good luck! I hope she is already here safe and sound!!