Friday, August 26, 2011

Waiting for Results

Late night swaddling tutorial

The midwife texted me that my hematocrit is up to 9; my hemoglobin is pending, but that is presumably up as well. So why do I feel worse?

In other news, Her Royal Highness is officially getting more difficult to put to sleep. We pulled out Happiest Baby on the Block last night and discovered I've been swaddling her all wrong.

However, and I'm scared to jinx myself, we've had two great night's sleep, once she was asleep.

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  1. Oh Abby, I'm sorry you're feeling so awful.

    After my c-section it was hard for me to do, but I had no other option than to flat out ask all of my friends for help. I know women who had easy recoveries following c-sections, so I would ask myself "why am I in so much pain, why is this so hard for me?" My midwife told me that was a stupid thing to ask myself and reminded me that I'd just had major surger. Bottom line was that recovery was hard and I needed a lot of help. You need to blatantly ask everyone for the help you need (tell them specifics) and if friends and family can't provide it, you need to hire in the help.

    Drink a ton of water! Eat more! And sleep EVERY chance you get.
    I have been drinking a huge smoothie every morning made with frozen fruit, milk, yogurt, and protein powder. They really improve the way I feel and are easy to drink even when I don't feel like eating. If you dont have a blender maybe you could just buy pre-made protein shakes from a grocery store and drink 1-2 a day.

    About Calliope - sounds like about the right timing for her to be graduating from the sleepy first week. Carys can stay awake forever (and wants to be attached to a boob the whole time) - it is exhausting!

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Keep us posted.