Friday, August 12, 2011

Forty Weeks, Six Days: Not Annoyed

I posted an update yesterday on Facebook, letting folks not that my NST/BPP were fine, girlie is just way too comfortable in there to come out of her own accord.

A couple different people responded, "wow, that must be annoying."

Which made me realize, despite my fatigue (bad luck with sleeping last night... I don't want to name names, but SOMEONE was kicking me in my ribs in a painful way during the night), that I'm not annoyed.

This has gone beyond annoyance... to amusement. This has all, so far, played out so differently than I imagined.

Because of my experience in the NICU, I was convinced I was going to give birth early. Pretty much from 34 weeks on, I thought each and every day... okay, today could be the day. I was even worrying quite consistently from 24 weeks.

But it never occurred to me that I would go late.

And here I am.

But girlie and I are both disgusting healthy -- BP is holding steady at 100/70, I dropped a pound (presumably of fluid) from my three pound gain last week, heart beat is perfect at around 150, and She scored an 8/8 on the BPP.

And most nights, I sleep at least eight hours, with only one brief trip to the bathroom (sorry to brag about that!).

And sooner or later, I will have a baby. Next Tuesday sounds nice, but Sunday is the absolute latest.

I'm so far past when I hoped to deliver (between 39 and 40 weeks) that I've sort of given up caring about the details of when she actually arrives.

So, I feel like I can't complain.

Not that I don't reserve the right to do so... as I have already done, especially last week... in the future.


  1. Glad you and Lentil are going strong and getting sleep. That is amazing...I felt worse lying down by that point.

  2. You do sound more mellow. :) Glad it seems like you are more comfortable than usual for this time in a pregnancy. Thanks for sharing how your mind and feelings have shifted over the last week. It's such a journey, and you have weathered it well. Funny about not ever thinking you would go late; I'm imagining I would never think that either (although now thanks to you, if I get there I will be more prepared).

    On the Mom front, I know you will do great! Just keep taking it a day at a time. Do you have someone staying with you or bringing food when you come home? Wish I lived closer and could bring some food and be available for errands etc. Sending good thoughts, Kristina