Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Three: Feeling Better

Thanks, everyone, for the kind and sympathetic posts. I really, really appreciate them. It's so great to feel like I have a team of folks supporting me! A special shout out to Obernon for her offer for me to come stay with her and her newborn!

My sister and I had a good talk this morning. I was trying to give her permission to go back to MA for a few days, because that seemed like the best use of resources and the best way to meet the most people's needs, if not, perhaps, my own. But after discussing, she decided to stay! She said she wanted to prioritize my needs, and that it sounded to her like I really needed her to stay.

I was surprised to hear her decision... and also surprised to see how very relieved I felt! I didn't know if I was negative about the idea of her leaving because I was just hormonal and also disappointed to hear from the midwife that I wasn't progressing more rapidly... and instead discovered that I was in a much better mood today, hearing this news. I guess I really was worried about going into labor with her a four and a half hour drive away.

So I'm grateful. And trying to give her space (she's hanging out in my bedroom with the better air conditioner while I catch up on email in the living room) and be as thoughtful as I can, given my pregnant state, my sometimes limited energy, and my one bedroom apartment. So, for example, when we walked in the door a few minutes ago, I practiced considerable restraint and didn't immediately try to schedule the time that we would put the decal up on the wall above the crib. Aren't I, like, a rockin' little sister?

(Yes, we, or mostly she, put up the crib yesterday! It looks sweet. Even if my bedroom looks a bit like a juvenile furniture showroom at the moment. I currently have four, count them four, specially-designed places to rest the kiddo in my bedroom alone: car seat, gliding bouncer-seat, crib, and bassinet. I am very excited to put up the decal so I can share my before-and-after photos with you all!) 


  1. I just want to say your sister is amazing. Giver her a hug for me. My sister would never even come to be with me in the first place unless there was something in it for her and she could schedule the labour to a time that was convenient to her, but she wouldn't be able to tell me that time until after it had passed (okay, I'm trying to say my sister is difficult and I want your sister to be my sister).

  2. Thanks, Evelyn, for reminding me! I shared your comment with her.

  3. I'm so glad your sister is staying. Even though I thought I didn't need anyone with me when I hit 40 weeks, I too was so relieved when my friend was able to come and stay. It really helps to have someone around, doesn't it?