Monday, August 8, 2011

Forty Weeks, Two Days

Still here.

Still pregnant.


I went to the chiropractor this morning (but not acupuncture... since it doesn't seem to be triggering labor all that well... though it did help my mood). He said, sure enough, my pelvis was back out of alignment, presumably because of two workouts on the elliptical. He also observed that my mood was better than it had been at our last visit, and commented that it was probably worth the trade-off. Luckily, I've been loosened up enough by his work thus far that it wasn't hard to get my pelvis back into alignment.

I have another appointment with my midwife tomorrow. My plan was to ask her about her protocol for women who go post-dates... mainly, at what point does she induce? I was assuming it wouldn't be until 42 weeks, but a new mom I know, who used the same midwife, said that she was given the option of induction at 41 weeks.

What a thrill it was to learn that.

Then I wondered if maybe Catherine would induce a couple of days shy of 41 weeks, so that my sister would at least have a chance of being with me for the birth.

My [albeit hypothetical] countdown was getting shorter and shorter!

And then, last night, my sister had the brilliant idea: why not go see Catherine tomorrow (as scheduled) and just ask for an induction... tomorrow? (My sister actually actually said, "Go in there and say you won't leave without an induction!" but that seems a little more... demanding... than I want to be.)

This idea, though I'm not sure of its merits, filled me with energy. Because that means that I suddenly have only one day to finish everything on my to do list!


  1. I think your sister's idea is a good one. I hope it goes well.

  2. Wow, exciting! Hope things go well for you tomorrow. It does seem like it would be really nice to have your sister there.