Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forty Weeks, Five Days: Ha! You Thought I Went Into Labor!

But no, it was just a busy day, so while technically I am now 40w6d, because it's past midnight, I'm counting this as the previous day, since I haven't gone to bed yet. Which is not a good thing, but I digress. Anyway, my friend says my sleep schedule is about to be subsumed by a tyrant, so not to worry about it.

I had my next BPP/NST today, and everything was fine. As I suspected. Even though it took a while to locate her heartbeat, Lentil was busy enjoying her latest installment of Baby Kickboxing, so I wasn't worried.

I forgot to ask the ultrasound technician, but I'm pretty positive she is still posterior.

I've declared tomorrow, Friday, to be my last day of chiropractor and acupuncture. If six sessions of chiro isn't going to do it, nothing is.

My sister asked for my permission to go home tonight instead of tomorrow, since she hasn't been sleeping well, and labor looks like it's going to wait for an induction. Which I cheerfully granted. Last night she assembled the jogging stroller, including the adaptor bar for the infant car seat. She finally scrubbed the tub (sort of) and today she helped me to do laundry and make up my bed with clean sheets, and even put clean sheets on the pullout couch for the next guest.

I have to admit, as nice as it was to have her here, not having to worry about going into labor on my own... I'm ready to be alone again. Perhaps it's partly that I don't think I'm going to go into labor spontaneously, and perhaps it's partly that I feel more ready to do so, if it should happen. But it's good to be alone again.

I don't know if it's being back to exercise or what (currently two days on, one day off the elliptical), but I've also just been feeling better, physically and emotionally these last few days. I walked a substantial distance yesterday, perhaps a mile, without getting tired. It was thrilling! Because some days when I'm so tired, it's hard to imagine that these changes aren't permanent.

However, now that I have a semi-set delivery date in my head, I'm getting a little more nervous. Nervous about labor -- particularly going into spontaneous labor at home, now that I've "decided" that it's all going to be in the hospital -- but also about what my body will endure, what it will be like to meet my child, what it will be like to be a mother and to have this new, terribly inconsiderate roommate. What if I get as sick of her as I do of other human beings?

Don't get me wrong; I'm terribly excited. It's just... now it's all feeling very... inevitable. Perhaps especially because I'm feeling more like my happy self, and less completely-sick-of-pregnancy-and-willing-to-do-almost-anything-to-have-it-over. And so I'm realizing that hey, maybe pregnancy isn't so bad, after all? And since I don't know what motherhood will be like.... maybe changing roles isn't such a good idea after all?

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  1. So glad to hear how much better you are feeling. No doubt Lentil will be arriving Very soon. Best of luck!